Early Career Researchers

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical research, collaboration is the cornerstone of progress. As we stand on the threshold of ground-breaking advancements in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, particularly in the context of the EXPERTS-ALS study, we recognise the indispensable role of early career researchers (ECRs) in propelling this vital work forward. 

Developing the next generation of researchers is a fundamental pillar of EXPERTS-ALS. Not only will our ECRs vitally support the study, but we have made it our mission to ensure that those working on EXPERTS-ALS have access to opportunities beyond that of their day-to-day research. We aim to empower ECRs with the ability to progress their academic career in a direction that resonates with their personal aspirations.

We recognise that in order to achieve our objectives in this space, we need to provide dedicated training and a space for collaboration. We have developed the Future EXPERTS Network to provide ECRs access to career development opportunities and a vibrant space for mutual learning and collaboration. The very nature of the EXPERTS-ALS collaboration spanning the country will facilitate a diverse and inclusive approach to ECR recruitment, offering opportunities across the UK. Our partners all have host institutional strategies, commitments and mechanisms to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and diverse career paths, creating a dynamic and thriving network of ECR members within EXPERTS-ALS.

If you are an Early Career Researcher working on EXPERTS-ALS, visit our dedicated Members Page for training materials, courses, upcoming meetings and more!

Meet the Team

Dr Helen Devine

Newcastle University

Emma Fargher

NIHR Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre

The Future EXPERTS Network will be led by Dr Helen Devine, NUAcT Fellow and honorary consultant neurologist at Newcastle University, with support from Dr Emma Fargher, who is based at the NIHR Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre. 

Helen is deeply passionate about nurturing ECRs and securing a sustainable and prosperous future for clinical academics. Her commitment transcends institutional boundaries, as she actively engages across multiple schemes to ensure that those who want to pursue an academic career are supported to do so at both a local and national level. Helen wants to ensure that ECRs are given a voice in shaping their own academic journeys and that barriers to following their chosen career paths are identified and removed. Her extensive experience in this domain is a valuable asset to EXPERTS-ALS.

Emma is the Academic Career Development Coordinator within the NIHR Sheffield BRC, and is committed to ensuring that training opportunities are accessible, relevant and inclusive regardless of an individuals position, career stage, background or geographical location. Drawing from her past experience in establishing and running an ECR training academy, Emma is keen to apply the valuable insights gained to enhance the Future EXPERTS Network.

Under the leadership of Helen and Emma, the Future EXPERTS Network are poised to become thriving hubs of career development, learning, and collaboration for Early Career Researchers in the pursuit of groundbreaking advancements in ALS research.