Meet the Team

The EXPERTS-ALS programme includes co-applicants from BRCs (Sheffield, Oxford, Manchester, Newcastle, Exeter, Cambridge, UCL, KCL), DRIs (Edinburgh, Cardiff) and centres of excellence in ALS clinical trial delivery (Liverpool). Our partners are spread throughout the UK. 

The EXPERTS-ALS co-applicants and collaborators will also link with the broader MND partnership within the UK MND Research Institute initiative. EXPERTS-ALS will harness skills and expertise across NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (BRC), Dementia Research Institute and clinical research networks. It will increase capacity and training for Experimental Medicine as well as therapeutic trial access for patients. 

Professor Chris McDermott


The University of Sheffield

Professor Martin


University of Oxford


Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi
King's College London

Professor Siddharthan Chandran
The University of Edinburgh

Professor Linda Greensmith
University College London

Professor Dame Pamela Shaw
The University of Sheffield

Professor Kevin Talbot
University of Oxford

Dr Alexander Thompson
University of Oxford

Professor Peter Jüni
University of Oxford

Dr Bruno da Costa
University of Oxford

Professor Cindy Cooper
The University of Sheffield

Ms Diana Papaioannou
The University of Sheffield

Dr Ruben van Eijk
UMC Utrecht

Dr Andras Lakatos
University of Cambridge

Dr Helen Devine
Newcastle University

Professor Jonathan Mill
University of Exeter

Professor Stuart Allan
The University of Manchester

Dr Tom Massey
Cardiff University 

Carolyn Young
The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Andrea Malaspina
University College London

Mr Lee Millard
PPI Representative

Mrs Nicola Waters
PPI Representative

EXPERTS-ALS Site Principal Investigators

The EXPERTS-ALS platform will recruit patients from 11 clinical centres/networks:

Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi - King’s College London

Dr Amina Chaouch - Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Tim Harrower - University of Exeter

Prof Christopher McDermott - The University of Sheffield 

Prof Andrea Malaspina - University College London

Dr Tom Massey - South Wales MND Network

Dr Suvankar Pal - University of Edinburgh

Dr Rhys Roberts - Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Siva Sathasivam - The Walton Centre, Liverpool

Prof Martin Turner - University of Oxford

Dr Tim Williams - Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Participating centres

Sheffield ctru team

Jennifer Petrie
Trial Manager

Sienna Hamer-Kiwacz Research Assistant

Professor Cindy Cooper
CTRU Director

Ms Diana Papaioannou
CTRU Lead 

Rowena Seaton Kelly Research Assistant

Alice Flanagan
Trial Support Officer

Amanda Loban
Lead Data Manager

Rich Simmonds
Data Manager

Ash Taylor
Data Management Assistant

oxford ctru team

Dr Monica Passoni Clinical Research Project Manager

Miss Benazir Amein Research Assistant 

Dr Sama Mugloo
Post-doctoral Scientist 

Dr Elizabeth Gray Senior Clinical Project Manager 

oxford NFL modelling team

Prof Peter Jüni


Dr Bruno da Costa


Dr Alex Thompson

Internal Advisor

Dr Ruben van Eijk

(University of Utrecht)

External Advisor

NIHR sheffield brc team

Luke Barron

Operations Manager

Alex Fairman
EXPERTS-ALS Project Manager

Emma Fargher
Academic Career Development and Communications Coordinator

sheffield clinical research and innovation team

Alessia Dunn
CRIO Coordinator
Sponsor Contact for Neuroscience

Erica Wallis
CRIO Coordinator

Jemima Clarke
CRIO Coordinator
Laboratory Compliance Lead

translational science development team

Dr Andras Lakatos

Prof Andrea Malaspina


Prof Linda Greensmith
Head of Department of Neuromuscular Diseases (UCL)

Prof Giampietro Schiavo
Professor of Cellular Neuroscience (UCL)

Rita Gameiro
Clinical Research Nurse (UCL)

Dr Oliver Ziff
NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Neurology (UCL)