people living with ALS

EXPERTS-ALS Participation

Will EXPERTS-ALS be open to everyone living with MND? 

No. Some people’s MND progresses at a significantly slower pace than average. Although good for those individuals, their blood NfL marker may not be high enough to be able to detect a significant change in response to the drug being tested. Some people may also be intolerant of some of the drugs being tested. 

When will it get started for patients? 

EXPERTS-ALS is the largest logistical undertaking of its kind in MND in the UK. Everyone involved is committed to getting it set up as soon as possible, with first dosing of patients hoped to be from Summer 2024. Because we will not start until next summer, we are not registering interest at this point. 

You can find the current progress of EXPERTS-ALS here. 

Are there other trials I can get involved with? 

There are a number of clinical trials recruiting throughout the UK. Information is available at the following places: 

UK MND Clinical Studies Group

MND Association