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Future EXPERTS Network

The Future EXPERTS Network is a dynamic and innovative initiative designed to connect and empower early career researchers (ECRs) engaged in the EXPERTS-ALS platform trial. At its core, this network seeks to foster collaboration, communication, and knowledge exchange among rising stars in the field of ALS research. The driving force behind this network is a collective understanding of the critical role that collaboration, a multidisciplinary approach and a united effort plays in advancing medical research. 

Through the Future EXPERTS Network, you will have the opportunity to connect with other ECRs working on EXPERTS-ALS, sharing insights, experiences, and ideas. This network will extend beyond digital platforms, as we are committed to hosting dedicated in-person meetings and events, fostering genuine connections and mentorship opportunities.

If you are an ECR within EXPERTS-ALS, please ensure that your contact Emma Fargher ( to join the network and stay connected!

Relevant Online Training 

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is the international ethical, scientific and practical standard to which all clinical research is conducted.

It is important that everyone involved in research is trained and appropriately experienced to perform the specific tasks they are being asked to undertake. GCP training is a requirement set out in the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research developed by the Health Research Authority for researchers conducting clinical trials of investigational medicinal products.

All of the NIHR GCP courses are free and available to NHS, UK universities, and other publicly funded organisations conducting and supporting clinical research. You can access GCP courses via the learning platform NIHR Learn or clicking the links below.

GCP eLearning Course: GCP eLearning ( 

Refresher Course: GCP Refresher (November 2020 Release) ( 

Informed Consent 

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber Introduction to Informed Consent workshop is designed for all staff wishing to gain a better understanding of the informed consent process required to enrol participants into a research project. It is also suitable for those working with participants engaged in research activity who may not be directly cared for in a clinic or hospital setting.  

Click here to enrol onto the Real-Time Virtual session

Click here to enrol onto the Face-to Face session

An introduction to the National Institute for Health and Care Research

The NIHR Induction course provides an introduction to the NIHR organisation.

Click here to enrol. 

Fundamentals of Clinical Research Delivery for Laboratory Staff

This training is appropriate for laboratory staff working to support research delivery where typically the work does not involve being delegated tasks that are the responsibility of a Principal Investigator.  You will be following the defined processes of each research study without delegated ‘freedom to act’.  

Click here to enrol. 

Starting Out in Health and Social Care Research

Stepping into the world of research can be daunting. So it’s worth doing your research before you begin.

On this course led by experts in health and social care research, you’ll be guided through each phase of the research cycle. From formulating a question to publishing your findings, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to start out as a researcher.

Click here to enrol. 

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

Everything we do in healthcare has to be discovered and thoroughly tested before it can be put into practice. In this course, you will explore clinical research – its challenges and its huge benefits to modern healthcare. You will work through case studies and examine how research contributes to the treatment of major diseases, such as cancer and dementia, examining the process of conducting research and the ethical questions raised. You will learn how members of a research team, academics and participants in clinical research all contribute to this process of discovery.

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An Introduction To Cultural Sensitivity In Research

This e-Learning course explains why inclusive research matters and how cultural understanding, values and beliefs can impact on research participation. The module concludes by exploring practical recommendations for removing barriers to inclusion that have come from the findings of the NIHRs Include project.

The course will take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

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The Genomics Era: the Future of Genetics in Medicine

Get an introduction to the growing role of genomics in healthcare, for patient diagnoses, treatment and disease prevention.

This offers a great introduction to what omics are, and to how omics can be used to learn about peoples' responses to a drug.

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Upcoming Events for EXPERTS-ALS ECR Academy Members

We will update this page regularly with events that may be of interest to ECRs working on EXPERTS-ALS. We will also flag future training opportunities and events through the Future EXPERTS Network. 

MND EnCouRage UK 2024 - date tbc

Organised by the MND Association, this event is specifically planned to support early-stage researchers in their career development, with inspiring and interactive talks and workshops from well-respected and experienced scientists, clinicians and experts. The event focuses on networking, fostering collaboration and engagement. It provides an important opportunity to bring together ECRs with people living with and affected by ALS to build partnerships and gain a greater understanding of the research interests of the ALS community. 

ENCALS 2024 - June 17-20, 2024, Stockholm, Sweden

ENCALS is a network of ALS centres in Europe. ALS Centre membership is open to Universities/Hospitals in Europe with ALS clinical/research activity. The next meeting will take place in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2024. Registration and abstract submission is now open.

The NIHR Academy

The NIHR Academy is a central NIHR initiative aimed at bringing together all those that work within NIHR funded infrastructures or in receipt of an NIHR Award on a career progression pathway. As an ECR working on EXPERTS-ALS, you are a member of the NIHR Academy!

The purpose of the NIHR Academy is to develop a highly skilled academic research workforce capable of advancing the best research, which improves health and benefits society and the economy. The NIHR Academy was established in October 2018 following a strategic review of training across the NIHR to review the past and look proactively at future training needs. It set out a vision underpinned by a series of recommendations, which led to the re-shaping of the training programmes offered. The Strategic Review of Training (.PDF) report provides the strategy for the NIHR Academy to fulfil its purpose.

Membership of the academy includes access to a portfolio of additional training resources, events, conferences and funding opportunities. For more information, visit: NIHR Academy | NIHR